you know, i can't tell if i like the new layout yet. since the fucking login button doesn't actually seem to be wired up to anything and refuses to acknowledge that i've clicked it, i guess that i hate it.

w00t. taxes for 2012 are prepared. I owe a shitload of money, but I knew it was going to be that way and I have more than I need in a separate savings account. So, it's sort of like getting a refund, except I've been making interest on the dough all year :)

Yay. We can do laundry at home again. I ordered a washer and dryer from a company online and it was supposed to ship out a couple days before we closed on our house so everything would arrive at the same time. It was delayed 2 weeks, and then 2 more.

I think the battery in the Clown Shoe is shot. I charged it fully a couple weeks ago, then left it disconnected (guaranteed no load) and it was dead yesterday. So then I charged it again, it started the car once and now it's back to 10.5 volts.

Ferrari track day at COTA today. In attendance were 1 F40, a couple Enzos and an FXX, plus a bunch of 430s, 458s, Californias etc.

Saw one of these today at COTA. It was on a trailer, on its way across the country to its new owner, so I didn't get to see it in action, but it's a cool toy, for sure.

One of my dogs does NOT like my Clint Eastwood impression. I was goofing off and had some shorts pulled WAY up and was walking around the house funny. My beagle FLIPPED HIS SHIT.