Rock on man. I hope the gig at the shiny new place works out. Sounds like they're interested in retaining top quality folks. How are they on training? I recall your old place trained you on a fair bit of stuff, though they kinda F'd you on the LNG. Would the new place get you LNG'd up? » 8/17/14 11:38pm Sunday 11:38pm

I drink Garrison Brothers. Every step of production (with the exception of actually growing the corn and barley, and growing the trees and making the barrels) takes place on a ranch 50 miles from my house. I've met all the people that make the stuff, and I've tasted it at every step along the way. I've helped bottleā€¦ » 8/17/14 8:44pm Sunday 8:44pm

We've got friends on the way over. The featured drink this evening will be a Mojito. Also on the bar - Tito's Vodka (made 2 miles from Circuit of The Americas), several expensive Tequilas, and a bottle of Bourbon I picked up in Kentucky and had never seen here in Texas. Standard mixers are in stock. » 8/16/14 7:21pm Saturday 7:21pm