Is your truck EFI? If so, you might want to try not coasting in neutral. The ECU should shut the injectors off completely if you coast in gear and let the vehicle momentum keep turning the engine. If you go into neutral, you have to burn fuel to keep the engine running. A friend of mine that didn't drive for 30+ years… » 1/30/15 9:08am Yesterday 9:08am

I'm not, but then I didn't graduate from CMU. I got kicked out of the drama department after freshman year. Of course, this information didn't make it to the alumni association. They started calling looking for donations a couple years after I would have graduated. » 1/28/15 10:51pm Wednesday 10:51pm

Justice would be better served if the fine completely wiped out all the ill gotten gains and then ALSO took a penalty. I'd gladly steal 4.7 million and give back 1.6 of it in a civil action and never serve a day in jail. Maybe my math is off, but that still seems like I get to keep 3.1 million. » 1/26/15 8:14pm Monday 8:14pm

BMW slush box with 163K in a car famous for deferred maintenance? Also, BMW has been a fan of "lifetime fill" in the slush boxes for a while now, and that's good enough to get the car to the other side of the warranty but not to keep it on the road for years and years. Be careful. » 1/22/15 10:04pm 1/22/15 10:04pm

I watch a decent amount of netflix/amazon/hulu on my ps4 hooked up to my living room TV. I also have a decent sized DVD/Blu-ray collection and those play on the PS4 as well. My old PS3 is now in the bedroom, so I have the same functionality there on a slightly smaller screen. » 1/22/15 9:52pm 1/22/15 9:52pm